Involving Grandparents in Your Wedding

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A wedding can be a wonderful event that draws the generations of a family together. When the bride or groom is especially close to one of their grandparents, it will make the wedding even more meaningful to include them in some way. These are some ideas on how to involve your grandparents in your wedding.

When the bride is close to her grandmother, there are actually quite a few ways to honor this special relationship. It can start when she becomes engaged. If your grandma lives nearby, invite her to join you when you go shopping for pearl bridal jewelry and your wedding gown. It will be so special to have her there when you find your dream gown! Ask your grandmother to see pictures of her wedding dress and to hear the story of how it was selected. She will love sharing her photos with you, and you may just be surprised to learn the story of how her dress was picked – the chances are that her mother chose it for her.

Grandparents will love being asked to take a role in your wedding ceremony. If your grandfather happens to be a pastor, see if he would like to officiate your wedding. It would make it incredibly meaningful. Of course, there are many other ways they can be involved, even if they cannot preside over the service. Brides who will not have their father walk them down the aisle might ask their grandfather to do the honor. Or they could see if their grandmother would like to do a ceremony reading. Be sure to designate your grandparents as VIPs by giving your grandfather a boutonierre and your grandmother a corsage to wear.

If your grandparents have special talents, they might love being invited to help out with some aspect of your wedding. Perhaps your grandmother is an incredible baker; making your wedding cake might be a labor of love for her. Maybe your grandfather is a master craftsman – he could build a special arbor for an outdoor ceremony. Obviously you should only ask your grandparents to make things if they would enjoy it, rather than feeling roped in to some big task. You could also choose to use something that one of your grandparents previously gave you in your wedding plans, such as a handmade quilt to decorate a wall or drape on a Chuppah.

Couples often like to honor their grandparents by replicating something from their wedding. The bride could have her florist make a bridal bouquet that features the same types of flowers her grandma carried down the aisle. She might also wish to borrow a special brooch from her grandmother to pin to her bouquet wrap. Ideally, the design of the brooch will complement the bride’s crystal or pearl bridal jewelry. Other ideas include getting married in the same church as your grandparents did or dancing to the same first song as they did. It will be really fun to work on the wedding details with them, and the experience is sure to bring you even closer together.

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