What Is the Difference Between a D Shape Band and a Court Shape Band?

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When planning a wedding there are many shapes of wedding rings that you can go for. Two of the most popular shapes that you can go for are: D shape and court shape.

A D shaped wedding ring features a rounded outside and flat inside. The good thing is that it has a traditional look; therefore, you won’t feel weird when wearing it.

A court shaped ring on the other hand is a ring with a traditional look. It’s characterized by a curved interior and exterior which makes it very comfortable to wear.

Taking A Look At D Shaped Wedding Bands

If you feel that D shaped bands are the right ones for you, you are on the lucky side as you will have many options with you. Some of the options that you will have include:

Medium weight: a medium weight ring has a depth of 1.4 mm. The depth is usually determined from the inner surface to the domed outer surface.

Heavy weight: this one has a lot of similarities with the medium weight ring only that it has a slightly greater depth. To determine if the band is a heavy weight you should measure the depth from the inner flat surface to the highest point of the outer face. To conclude that the band is a heavy weight it should have a depth of approximately 1.65 mm.

Heavy comfort: if you prefer a band with a deep, domed, outer surface, this is the band for you. In most of the cases, heavy comfort rings have a depth of 1.8 mm.

How to Buy a Wedding Ring

Unlike other pieces of jewelry that you wear only once or twice a week, you will be wearing your wedding ring every day for the better part of your life. Due to this you need to be very careful when buying the band.

One of the major factors that you should consider when buying the band is your comfort. One of the ways of ensuring that the ring is comfortable is going with one with the right width. As a lady you should go with a band that has a width of between 2 and 5 mm. If you have chunkier hands you shouldn’t be scared of going for wider bands.


This is what you need to know about the differences of D shaped and court shaped wedding bands. As rule of thumb you should ensure that you buy the bands from a reputable store.

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