Wedding Band With Comfort Fit – Not Just a Trend

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Comfort fit is a term used often in online jewelry websites but seldom explained properly. It is term for rounding the inside wall of the ring, particularly wedding band in order to soften the edges in contact with the finger. This type of wedding ring feels much more comfortable and it is a great deal easier to put on and especially to take off. One is left to wonder why simple feature as this is ignored by the manufacturers and large portion of the wedding bands on the market are still offered with flat inside wall and sometime really sharp edges. There is a good reason for this; substantial thickness is required to have a wedding band comfort fit. This extra thickness adds considerable amount of extra weight to the band and makes it unsuitable for low price focused designs.

On average 4.5mm wide men`s wedding ring, the additional weight is about 25%. Another decisive factor for the quality of the wedding band is the height of the dome. This parameter adds heavily to the weight and respectively to the price, but on the other hand contributes greatly to the appearance and longevity of the band. Good quality wedding rings have substantial thickness and never go off round in shape. Comfort fit wedding bands have less surface touching the finger thus are less likely to cause skin irritation due to sweat trapped in between. In my long experience as studio jeweler I had many cases of cutting wedding ring stuck and sometimes badly imbedded in the customer`s finger, but not one of these bands was a comfort fit one. I am always recommending this type of wedding band to my customers, use comfort fit on my engagement rings and even on dress rings if the design permits.

Practicality is often an overlooked factor when it comes to jewelry but for pieces like wedding ring and engagement ring is of paramount importance. These type of rings are worn full time everyday and their design has to be aligned with one’s life style. Here are some points worth considering:

  • The easiest to maintain and the most comfortable to wear wedding band is the classic half round one.
  • The flat inner wall wedding rings are getting sharper while getting thinner from wearing.
  • Avoid wedding bands with plenty of small detail or complicated finish; they will wear off in no time.
  • If you really like more detail choose designs where the detail imbedded in channel or concave.
  • If you really like small detail choose only palladium or platinum. Any gold alloy will wear off much faster.
  • If you don’t like highly polished wedding bands opt for one with brushed finish; it is the easier to refresh.
  • Avoid hollow wedding rings. They tend to cause bad skin irritation.
  • Wedding bands with shadow line tend to gather grease form perspiration and cosmetics.
  • Stick to noble metals (platinum, palladium) which are completely hypoallergenic or high carat yellow gold.
  • Choose simple uncomplicated wedding ring designs. They will look good longer, require less maintenance and feel comfortable.

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