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Let's imagine for a moment that you have just been attacked from behind and the assailant tore your purse right off your arm. In your purse was your stun gun but now you can not reach it. The assailant now has you in a close quarters choke hold. His face is literal inches from yours. Only your hands are free. Just free enough to flip the safety on your stunning ring and press the trigger and spray into his eyes. The assailant is down and in quite a bit of agony. You are free and going for help. Sound crazy? No it is real.

Just like any other ornamental ring on your finger, the stunning ring is a nice piece of jewelry in itself with a black onyx stone set in silver or gold. Men and women can wear this ring anytime. The pepper spray stunning ring is very small but really effective to incapacitate an assailant.

According to manufacturers and industry experts, this self defense ring uses the strongest pepper spray formula available on the market today. The formula has the industry's highest heat rating of 2 million SHU (compared to a jalapeno pepper which is 5000 SHU), which severely affects the mucous membranes (eyes and respiratory systems). The ring has 2-3 one second burst and has an effective range of 12 inches. It is endorsed by security professionals and has replaceable canisters.

Stunning ring is a self-defense equipment that is designed to be worn on either hand on the 1st (index) or 2nd (middle) finger. It should be worn on the dominant hand. Once it is worn on the index finger, it is easily accessible to operate the safety latch and depress trigger.

It is very easy to use the stunning ring. Here's how:

a) Slide the safety down, away from the trigger.

b) Point top of ring at face of attacker.

c) Finally depress trigger hold for 2-3 seconds to spray pepper gas.

d) Escape or subdue the assailant.

And …. you are done!

Please Note that even though pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, some states and cities have restrictions. Check with your local police department. Literally thousands of police departments carry and use pepper spray. Why would not you?

Chances are very good that you are reading this because in some way crime has touched your life or you want to be proactive and protect yourself, family, home, or business from the ravages of crime. That is the first step.

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