Moissanite for a Wedding Ring – No Way: An Important Gem Review

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How to Avoid Heartache When You Buy Moissanite Rings

Most women love gems that sparkle and I am no exception. About 4 years ago a new technology of lab created simulated diamonds was becoming quite a sensation. The product was moissanite.

The mineral moissanite was discovered by Henri Moissan in 1893 when crystal samples from a meteor crater in Arizona appeared to be diamonds.

In 1998 the jewelry market recognized the incredible visual properties of lab created moissanite and declared that they exceeded the sparkle of the diamond. It was produced to compete with diamonds.The hardness of the man-made stones is 9.5 on a scale of 10. Diamonds being rated the hardest at 10.

Diamonds last for years because they are tough as well as hard. Although the moissanite stones are closely graded in hardness to diamonds, moissanite must be handled gently.

The reason a diamond is the wedding gem of choice is because of it’s undeniable beauty and durability. My wedding diamond solitaire is 38 years old and after raising 3 kids is in the same shape it was when I received it.

I am a retired real estate agent and spend my days on the computer. There are no strenuous activities in my agenda. A few years ago I purchased five rings and was very excited to wear a 4 ct multi-stoned moissanite ring. I loved my new rings with these fabulous gems and all the attention they received. They were beautiful for the moment and I emphasize moment.

Last year, I took my moissanite rings into the jeweler to have them checked. I felt that they needed to be professionally cleaned because they had lost some of their sparkle. I was shocked at what I was told.

After only 4 years my 2 ct moissanite stone was gouged and 8 of the accent stones on my other rings were fractured. My favorite ring was a 7 stone anniversary ring which was missing 4 stones. That’s 13 out of 16 stones that were destroyed.

Though moissanite is 1/4 of the cost of a diamond, it is still extremely costly. My rings cost in the range of $4,000.

Moissanite in my opinion is too fragile. It is definitely Not a diamond and if you’re thinking of keeping it for a long time as a wedding ring, think again. If you intend on keeping a neat house or having children, I recommend the diamond.

Avoid the heartache of fractured worthless moissanite. Do not invest hard-earned money in moissanite. Buyer beware.

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