Guide To Buying An Onyx Ring

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Traditionally, diamonds and other gemstones like sapphires, rubies and emeralds have been used in rings. However, now, semi-precious gemstones such as onyx are becoming popular. Individuals who want some uniqueness and innovation in their jewelry are especially opting for onyx rings. It is believed that onyx is a stone that brings harmony and happiness and beneficial for people with a Leo zodiac sign. Therefore, people are also wearing onyx for good luck and better future.

Since onyx is likewise too soft, nor too hard, it is highly suitable for rings and other jewelry pieces. It can be easily crafted into any shape and design. This makes a large number of options possible with an onyx ring, making the customers spoiled for choice. The hardness of the stone ensures that the rings last long years of wear and tear as well. Also, since onyx is not as expensive as other precious gemstones, one can get a ring with a big stone without spending a large amount of money. In fact, rings with a big onyx stone are really in vogue these days, especially with youngsters.

Although onyx comes in a range of colors and textures, almost all onyx jewelry makes use of black onyx stone. These particular rings are becoming a more preferred choice for engagements and marriages. However, they can also be worn for semi-formal occasions or parties to match with one's black attire. Both gold and silver match well with the black colored onyx and therefore one can easily find a range of options in both gold and silver with jewelers. Since the shining of the silver contrasts beautifully with the rich blackness of the onyx stone, silver rings are more popular than gold rings with customers.

While buying a black onyx ring as a gift for someone, make sure that the person who you are buying for is open to experiment with this striking bold stone. With rings, make sure that the size you buy is correct or you would have to spend additional amount later on to make the ring fit well. It is advisable to first check the prices and read about onyx online before making your purchases. The prices of onyx rings depend on the size and design of the stone, as well as on the place from where you make your purchase. While buying an onyx ring, make necessary enquiries regarding its maintenance and warranty so that your investment is fully utilized.

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