Cubic Zirconia – The Socially Responsible Alternative to Diamonds

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Cubic zirconia engagement rings are for the romantic, as well as for realists.

The entire diamond industry is based on a shrewd and fallacious marketing ploy which has redefined compressed carbon as an everlasting symbol of love. Hearing of the success of the De Beers marketing strategy makes one wonder if it wouldn’t be possible to package beach shells and sell them as a symbol of new beginnings after divorce. Although diamonds might be forever there is no guarantee that your love will go the same route.

The realization that love is a fickle and changeable human condition should serve as enough of a reason not to waste extensive money on a flawed gemstone for an engagement ring. Cubic zirconia engagement rings offer a cheaper alternative to diamond rings and there are numerous benefits which actually make them the superior choice.

Firstly, cubic zirconia is a laboratory produced compound and it is consequently unflawed. The luster of a cubic gemstone surpasses that of the diamond and provides a particularly romantic sparkle when viewed under the dancing flame of candle.

Although not quite as hard as a diamond, CZs are perfect for daily wear and easy maintenance.

Diamonds may last a long time, but so do rubies, sapphires and cubic zirconias. The bottom line is that you only need the gemstone to last for as long as you live. The lifespan of a gemstone, regardless of the category, will always be longer than that of a human. It is also important to remember that just because a diamond might last forever, it doesn’t automatically infer that your love will do the same. If the love ends, then you will be stuck with an everlasting reminder of the abject failure.

At the end of the day, the extent of your love is limited to the longevity of your actual feelings and has nothing to do with any astute marketing slogans. A grain of sand will outlive your love, but this fact alone doesn’t justify collecting the material and wearing it around your finger. A cubic zirconia ring is just as capable of expressing your thoughts as a diamond and it is available at a fraction of cost.

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