Beautiful Bridal Handkerchiefs For Your Wedding Day

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It has long been a tradition for brides to carry a lace or embroidered handkerchief on their wedding day. Many of our grandmothers & great grandmothers brought them over from the “Old Country” or handmade their own. They are making a big comeback today. It’s nice to add a touch of yesteryear to your special day.

In Belgium, a country famous for their lace work, it is a tradition for the family of the bride to purchase or make a hankie. The bride’s name is then embroidered on it, and after the ceremony it is displayed in the bride’s family home. As subsequent daughters in the family marry, their names are added and then displayed.

Maybe you are fortunate enough to have a family heirloom to use on your wedding day. If not you can find gorgeous handkerchiefs both new & vintage in local antique stores and on the internet. You can visit my website for one of the largest selections of handkerchiefs you will find.

LACE HANKIES There are many kinds of lace handkerchiefs, some being imported from Belgium, Switzerland or France, some handmade at home! Princess Lace would be the most sought after. Throughout past centuries the technique of making princess lace was used mainly for royalty. What could be better for a beautiful bride? You might like one with a traditional had crocheted or tatted lace trim. Other types of lace you may find would be

  1. Chemical Lace
  2. Cluny Lace
  3. Irish lace
  4. Filet Lace
  5. Belgian or Battenburg
  6. Burato Lace
  7. Reticella Lace
  8. Chantilly Lace
  9. Point de Venice
  10. Point de france
  11. Duchess Lace
  12. Cutwork
  13. Drawnwork
  14. Appenzell
  15. Alecon Lace

Embroidered and Monogrammed Handkerchiefs Monogrammed hankies are perfect for the bride to be. The bride to be would want to find a monogrammed hankie with either her first initial or her soon to be new last initial. Monogrammed hankies are beautiful gifts for bridesmaids as well as the mother of the bride and groom. Embroidered hankies with a touch of blue make them the perfect “something blue” for the wedding day. Lily of the Valley Hankies Lily of the Valley flowers have long been associated with weddings. In Victorian times Lily of the Valley represented purity and new beginnings, making it the perfect bridal flower. You will find Lily of the Valley handkerchiefs in embroidered designs as well as print hankies. Sometimes you will see wedding rings entwined with the flowers and possibly lace trim.

Here is hoping you have a wonderful wedding day. Don’t forget to visit my website for beautiful linens and handkerchiefs.

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