Fear Not – The Hawaii Beach Permit!

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There has been much speculation and concern over a newly enforced Hawaii Sate Rule requiring that a beach wedding conducted anywhere in the state must have a permission. It's true that a "Right of Entry" permit must be obtained from the State Department of Land and Natural Resources for any commercial activity to be connected on State lands. State lands include all beaches "below the high water mark." The purpose of this article is to tell you that although it may seem like a daunting task for you to have to deal with this right thing, it's really no big deal.

For one thing, many brides and grooms do not care whether their ceremony is in the sand or just above or next to it on the lawn or bluff, so long as beach pictures could be taken after the ceremony. If you are one of these, then you will not need to worry about a permission at all, as these areas are above the high water mark. Picture taking on the beach does not require a DLNR permit.

If you DO wish to have your ceremony in the sand, then you will need a permit. The authorization is not easy for an individual to obtain, because it requires that whoever is applying for the right to carry insurance for over $ 300,000.00 and have the State of Hawaii named as an insurer. Most individuals do not meet this requirement, but they do not need to, because their wedding planner will make all the arrangements for them.

We have heard from people who were worried, because they did not know how to get a permit and were concerned that it would be expensive. The good news is that it's not expensive and your wedding company should be able to obtain the right for you, at a nominal cost. You can compare how much the wedding companies you are considering are charging to process the permit. But, of course, you'll also have to weigh that cost with all the other costs involved. Always ask for the "final cost," for everything, including the permit, to see which wedding company will have the lowest price. If you are paying over $ 60 for your permit, then you are probably being charged too much for the processing.

At Merry Maui Weddings, your permit will never cost over $ 60 for a group of 20 our under, because we want to do everything we can to make your wedding not only beautiful, but also as affordable as possible, while never compromising quality. For instance, you can receive a complete, quality beach photo wedding from Merry Maui Weddings for under $ 400 plus tax, including coordination. Interested in more first-hand expert info about your Maui / Hawaii wedding? Check out our info-packed website, chock-full of helpful info that the other companies are not so willing to divulge.

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