Cutting Down on Your Wedding Flowers – Some Useful Guidelines

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Weddings are about flowers. Of course, flowers are the main decoration for the event. You will find them on the bride, at the ceremony hall, at the reception and even on the wedding transport. The fact is, wedding flowers can cost so much. Both live and artificial plants can take away a large portion of the bilateral budget. It is therefore important that a couple on borrowings take steps to reduce their expenses in this direction as it is a non-essential item. For a formal or traditional wedding, the role of flowers become more paramount and require special arrangements if you want to cut down your expenses on the floral.

Exotic flowers tend to cost more so you should go for local ones to cut down costs. Again, flowers in season are less expensive and will match the occasion better. Unavailable, live plants make cheaper decorations. Bouquets can take a large part of your floral so make them smaller. You can share several pieces of flowers among the bridesmaids to cut down your cost too. If the wedding location is not too far from the reception venue, you can use the same flowers to decorate both places. You can also limit the number of flowers on the tables by replacing such d├ęcor with decorative bowls and plates.

Flowers make the event. You need them to decorate the hall and brighten up the furnishings. You can obtain them by hiring a florist who will see to all of the arrangements. Alternately, you can get your own floral done. If you are seeking the services of a florist, you can cut down the cost by asking her to reduce the number of flowers at the hall. For example, she can only place them at conspicuous places. She can also use fewer flowers for your bouquets. You can also reduce the cost of wedding floral by reducing the number of tables at you reception as each table needs to be decorated with one.

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