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You are probably very much aware of the great earning possibilities through email marketing. But to start on having that email marketing, you first need your own list of email subscribers. And that is not easy because people nowadays do not simply give out their email addresses. Good thing there are still simple ways to do this, although these are not really new. For a list building system that works, you need the following:

1. A quality website.

You need a website or a landing page, sales page or a squeeze page. Whatever you think is more effective for you, just make sure to experiment so you can have a better idea on what is best for your list building tactics. The important thing here is to have a content-rich website. One that people can really stop to and read for hours on end. Or at least one that they would be willing to visit again.

2. Entice people to subscribe to your list.

Invite people to subscribe to you. You can do this is promising them that you will give them valuable content through emails. You can also entice them to sign up by giving away something for free. Ebooks are a popular gift item, but don’t limit yourself to it. Think of other creative ways to attract people to give their email addresses to you.

3. Build trust.

Trust is gained and never bought. This is why you should never spam your subscribers. Give them the information they want and in return, they will listen to what you have to say and even buy from you.

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