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Are you preparing to have a baby shower? Of course you want the celebration to be a good time for all. No one wants to host a boring shower. Where do you begin in the planning process? First decide on a theme, then with the perfect baby shower invitations. You can customize and design your invitations to go perfectly with your theme.

Ideas for hip new shower invitations

A popular idea is to have the babies invitations match the theme of your occasion. If the expecting mom wants a baby chick theme, design and personalize your baby shower invitations to match. Having a main theme for the whole event will make the whole planning process more manageable.

Hip new trends in shower decorations

Once you choose your theme, and chosen some invitations to match, you are ready for the rest of the planning.

Buying or making matching decorations can be fun even if you are nor the most creative person. Your decorations can be anything from some colorful balloons to much more. It's all up to you. If your theme is a luau, try putting colored sand and tropical flowers in glass bottles. Put grass skirts and shads on stuffed animals and put them on end tables. Some tropical spotted candles would add a touch of class as well.

New ideas for entertainment and food?

A good party will have some type of entertainment. That's why shower games got started. They were a way to fill the time between the food and the gifts. In the past few years, people have thought up some new game ideas, but not many of them are really that original. Your guests will go ahead and play to be nice, but really they are most likely uninterested. Many people these days are deciding to forego the typical shower games for some fresh new ideas. A new trend is having a family, coed or couples shower. These types of events work great as a picnic. Add a little music and it will be something most everyone will enjoy. If the season is colder, try having an indoor beach party! Be sure that your invitation is clear if your event is for the whole family You also want to be sure your guests know about any special requests like if it is a surprise shower or if if people should dress for a luau, or if they should bring a swimsuit.

One of the largest things at a baby shower is what the guests will eat. This could be anything from cake and punch to a full meal and everything in between. If your occasion is happening at a time when people would be eating breakfast, lunch or dinner they will arrive hungry. If your occasion includes a formal meal you may want to note that on your baby shower invitation . A great idea to have food that goes with your theme. One thing everyone looks forward to at a party is a great dessert. You can choose a pictures baby shower cake or a trendy triffle, but be sure to end the event with a great dessert.

With a quick internet search, you are on your way to finding a lot of great shower ideas for all the new trends in showers. There may be a lot to plan, do not let it overwhelm you. There are so many websites and party shops to use, and do not be afraid to ask for help. A great place to start is with customizing great baby shower invitations and you are on your way to an fun for everyone occasion!

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