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You’ve finally announced it! You’re getting married! Friends and family throw you all the wedding suggestions in the world. You are thankful, but only one thing is important for both of you – you want the wedding to be unforgettable. What better way to do that than to ditch the idea of a traditional wedding and opt for a theme wedding!

Nowadays, because of everybody wants their wedding to be a unique and different experience, theme wedding options abound. Here are some tips to help you decide and organize your perfect theme wedding.

1. Mutually agree on a theme that is romantic and fun not just for you but for the guests as well. You want to build fond memories for everyone on your day of bliss and something they can talk about over and over again as you enjoy your honeymoon and thereafter!

2. Pick a venue. How about a beach? A barn? A ship? If you choose the beach, you can throw a Hawaiian luau theme along with it. A great idea for a wedding on a ship would be a pirates theme.

3. Engage your guests to participate in making your wedding day a day to remember. Be specific in your wedding invitations. Include attires and other must-haves for a most memorable occasion. Provide a list of establishments and contacts where they can purchase or rent their costumes and other paraphernalia in line with your theme wedding. Create excitement as the day draws near!

4. Stress that the wedding will be relaxing and fun, not poised and composed. After all, it is a theme wedding! It is non-traditional!

5. Prepare music that will go along with the chosen theme! Ensure that piped-in music is available and complementary to the theme at ALL times.

6. Align the food to the theme as well. You do not want to be serving burgers in a beach wedding do you?

7. Have the minister participate if possible. Can you imagine for a second the wedding minister dressed up like Obi Wan Kenobi in a Star Wars wedding theme? That would truly be an affair to remember!

8. Make sure to enlist the service of a very good photographer and videographer. Leave no wacky shot uncaptured! Have your guests bring their own cameras and take their own shots. Make an effort to collate all photos from guests. This is not so difficult if you have a short guest list.

9. Set up an area as a make-shift photo booth. Provide extra accessories for guests and a camera linked to a laptop which can record all the evidence of a great party!

10. Lastly, for souvenirs, you can print out guest photos taken from the camera linked to your laptop in your make-shift photo booth as your way of saying “Thanks for coming and sharing this moment with us!”

Now that you are “armed” with the tools needed for a theme wedding, exchange ideas and begin planning! Be sure to have fun along the way!

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