May I Know The Features Of Marriage? A Detailed Study On The Characteristics Of Marriage

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Every person in this world is social, as it is not his or her tendency to live alone. He or she wants to be a prestigious part of the society. To live in this typical society, he or she has to follow certain values, standards, customs, rituals and traditions, and marriage is one among them. Marriage is a relationship between the man and woman, which is meant to enhance the tribe by following the bond of love. It is that custom or ritual which is important to live in the society. Now we will deal with its characteristics in the following ways.

• Universal

This norm or ritual is acceptable and followed in each and every type of societies. It is a part of both ancient and modern world. People of all castes and categories follow this custom or tradition.

• Relationship Between Two Adults of Opposite Sexes

It is a relationship between man and woman. There is a prescribed age for this bond. Children are not supposed to follow this tradition as the level of maturity must be there to follow it.

• Legal

It is a legal norm to maintain liaison between man and woman. This bond is acceptable and respected in every part of this world. Man and woman have full rights to maintain liaison without any permission.

• Civil or Religious Ceremony

It requires social acceptance and for it, it (marriage) is practiced with full religious customs, rituals and traditions by inviting all the friends and relatives as an evidence. This practice is also arranged in courts and thus sanctioned by law.

• Trust

It is a bond of trust between man and woman. Both of them should be reliable with each other and should maintain a loyal liaison with each other. Without trust, it cannot be continued successfully.

• Love

Love is the beautiful feeling in this world. A person who does not have love of others is considered to be the poorest person of this world. Similarly, feeling of love is essential in this liaison. It cannot be continued successfully without love.

• Family

The main purpose of a wedding is to make a family. We cannot make the family without marriage as after marriage couples indulge in physical relationship, thereby giving birth to a child and thus the family use to be constituted.

• Responsibility

Married couples should be responsible for each other. They should be capable enough to make the family. It cannot be followed by the irresponsible persons who do not do any sort of work. They should take responsibility on their shoulders for the whole family.

Indian Wedding

An Indian wedding is full of religious norms, rituals and traditions. It is characterized by different customary dresses and one among them is Indian wedding sarees. Indian wedding sarees are appreciated everywhere as it represents our culture. Indian considered nuptial as a sacred practice or ceremony.

Thus, a nuptial is that practice which is necessary to survive in the society. The social development of the individual is impossible without nuptial.

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