Giving Marriage Another Try – How to Structure a Second Wedding With Children Involved

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Many couples decide to have a second wedding to renew their wedding vows and show appreciation for one another. Or, perhaps you are getting married for a second time to a new partner and want to know how to go about having the wedding.

When it comes to "encore" weddings, the rules are no longer different from the first time around. If you are one of those people who speak of your first wedding as if it were a dream directed by your parents, now's your chance to create a ceremony and reception that is really yours. Think of Samuel Johnson's definition of remarriage: the triumph of hope over experience.

That may mean you approach the altar in full wedding regalia – lace, tulle, white tie, tails – or skip the traditional wedding hoopla in favor of an understated luncheon with you both in elegant suits. Do what is meaningful to you.

One of the most sensitive issues in remarriage is dealing with children from a previous relationship. As with every aspect of child-raising, do not assum anything. To appoint a child best person, which you see as a great honor, may in fact leave the child feeling enviously guilty about the other parent. But to leave children out of the ceremony altogether without giving them a choice as to their level of participation may alienate them from the new family unit you are forming.

Their role in the ceremony should depend on their age, attitude, and relationship with each of you (old and new spouses alike). If any of the children are teenagers, let them invite some friends to the wedding, too. Such overtures can go a long way towards developing peaceful relationships for the future.

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