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So that little scum bag played you dirty? Maybe he cheated with an ex-girlfriend or a stripper. Or better yet he left you hanging without any explanation on why he dumped you. Whatever the reason is, it’s not good enough for you to just get over it.

Take in consideration all the pain and humiliation you felt when you had to tell your loved ones your tragic tale. The sleepless nights you had been crying your pretty little eyes out, while he’s probably out enjoying his life. These feelings are normal when you are done wrong by a person who you once loved or cared for. Your trust has been broken and you have no clue how to move on. There’s a solution to the madness. Don’t feel down anymore dumpling. Just follow these simple steps to gain your confidence back and get a little something we call revenge.

1- DRY YOUR EYES… Let’s start off with wiping those tears away. No one needs to see you looking your absolute worst. Remember while you are feeling down, he’s feeling glee and could care less about you at this point. Right now it doesn’t matter if he wants you back, regrets what he did to you, or is pondering if he made the right decision. What matters now is that you gain your confidence back. You may have lost it in the madness of spiraling emotions. Get a routine going for yourself. Wake up in the morning and look in the mirror. See the beautiful person you were before he broke your spirits. Dress yourself for success. You don’t have to look slutty to seek attention. All you have to do is exude confidence. Others will see that you have some swag about yourself and they will want to be around you. This step is important because you have to fix the inside first. It’s going to help to love who you are again on the outside.

2- GET OUT AND BE SEEN… Do Not, I repeat Do Not sit around the house and be depressed. Get out of the house you’ll feel better. It doesn’t matter what you are doing. Call up a friend and have a lunch date. Take your mom to the movies. Hell you could even take your little one, or some one else’s little one to the park. This is going to help you feel alive again! When people see that you are happy and that there is nothing that can tear you down they feel some type of way. I guarantee is one of his buddies see you out and about, looking good, and most importantly smiling, they will go back to the knuckle head and report. Just imagine this for a moment…He just broke up with you and you’re out in public looking a hot mess. You run into one of his friends and you see them laughing and pointing at you. Not funny right? Hell no it’s not funny. If someone is going to go back and run their mouth lets give them something to run their mouth about. Remember to stay your classy self. There will be no reports of you being loose.

3- GO ON A FEW BLIND DATES…Just for fun go out on a few dates. Even though you may not be ready to move on because you are still in love with him, you need to get into the habit of living again. Before you met this jerk you had no problems having fun and meeting new people right? So why change up now? Don’t change. Always remember to be you at all times. Once again people hate to see you happy. I don’t know why some people are that way, it seems evil to me. Maybe it’s genetic to hate on others. Meet a few guys. Allow yourself to actually laugh again, its totally okay to laugh. Even if you don’t feel like laughing and having a good time. Fake it till you make it, meaning fake it till you actually feel happy again. This step isn’t for him but it’s more for you. Who cares if he finds out you went out with someone that’s not him. He should have thought about that before he decided to trade you in for someone else.


Here is the fun part, now it’s actually time to get back at him. Oh you thought 1 through 3 was getting back at him huh? Not at all sweetie. Those we things were for you. You may have need to build yourself back up again so that you are strong enough to break him down, I mean all the way down. Maybe some time has gone past since you’ve broken up. It totally cool. When it comes to men and women in some cases it doesn’t matter how much of an ex an ex is. He’s still got you on the back of his mind rather he’s admitting it or not. Since we know that you are not totally off of his brain this gives you some power over him. You can torment him now. Yay!

4- LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE?…That’s right honey. Love again. Life goes on remember that. He dumped you and left you feeling alone and hurt. He doesn’t deserve a person like you to be in his corner. You deserve to fall in love again. It may be hard to do and it doesn’t have to be rushed, but when you do find that special person again “SHOW HIM OFF”. Don’t hide your new boo from him. If he finds out that you are dating someone else it’s going to hurt him. You may not see his pain but trust and believe he’s feeling it. This guy is going to feel inadequate because you are not as broken as he thought you were. Show him that you are a strong women that cannot be broken, and that his little stunt he pulled had no effect of you at all. This is going to take a little piece of his manhood away from him.

5- SMILE…Let’s just say you ran into your ex at the grocery store. Please try not to look angry. This let’s him know that you are still bitter over the breakup. If you are still bitter so what. You have every right to be, but he doesn’t have to know that. If you looks your way simply smile. Not a OMG I am so happy to see your sexy face. I’m talking a smile smirk. Kind of like a sarcastic smile. The smile should read “Hi you piece of crap. It’s nice to see you but your face makes my stomach turn”. If he tries to strike up a conversation with you just say hi and keep on walking. You don’t owe him an explanation so don’t give him one. Just simply say hello and keep on walking as if you have other important things to do. This fool will go home and wonder why the women who once loved him just made him feel invincible. You can go back to your car smiling for a job well done. Like I said even if you don’t see his reaction you can rest assure he is feeling some type of way.

6-CREATE SUCCESS!…Make a goal and accomplish something you’ve always wanted to do. Even if its a long term goal. Just do it. Put a plan into action. You may be thinking “what the hell does this have to do with getting revenge”. It actually has a lot to do with getting back at someone. While that person is still doing the same ol’ stuff, you are working towards becoming successful. You are letting him know that you don’t need him, and that you could have went farther in life if you didn’t spend you time wasting it on a loser like him. Talking about feeling needed and wanted. This is the beauty of having someone hurt you. You have the power to show then that it takes more then that to keep you down. Try again!

7- SIT BACK, WATCH, AND LISTEN…By now you have revamped yourself into a confident woman again. No one can break you down or leave you hurt and wounded. You’ve got confidence, success, and strength. At this time it may be okay to become a little bit of a spy, or just being the fly on the wall. If you are still interested in knowing the results of your actions its okay to find out. You may be surprised on what you find out. Remember that girl he left you for? Well guess what they are no longer a couple. Hahahahaha! Remember the high horse he was on when he didn’t care about your feelings? Well this guy has been depressed and feeling remorseful. He just doesn’t know how to apologize for what he’s done. It’s perfectly fine sistah. Always know that if he don’t come to you soon with the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s, you’ll probably run into him later on in life. You’ll hear the story of how bad he know he messed up, and that’s when you can walk away know that your plan worked!

Remember that you come first. Don’t let any man or woman get you down to the point where you can eat or sleep. Don’t limit yourself to nothing when he’s given himself everything. Love who you are no matter what and that’s what is going to keep you grounded and humble. Good luck!

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