Chiffon Dresses and White Sports Coats

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In the 1950s the high school dances and the dances at your parent's country clubs were big events. Today most children do not wish to attend high school dances, but in those days the girls would dress in their best chiffon dresses and the boys would don their white sports coats and they were off to the dance. Those were gentler times and some people say that they wish those times had never disappeared.

In the days of chiffon dresses and white sports coats most women were not a part of the work force. If a woman had a job she likely worked for the telephone company as an operator, the school system as a teacher, and possibly she worked in the medical field as a nurse. A lady doctor was unheard of, but you could find women behind the counters in clothing stores and waiting on tables in diners.

Chiffon dresses had a way of crinkling when the girl walked so that they sounded as if they were talking. In those days girls worn bobby socks with penny loafers with most of their clothes. They usually had a pair of saddle oxfords and possibly a pair of tennis shoes, but with the chiffon dresses they would be allowed to wear hosiery.

The hosiery was not panty hose like is popular today. They were silk stockings that reached up to a point on the girl's thigh. She would wear a garter belt that had attachments to hold the hosiery in place. Many of the stockings would have a seam that ran down the back of them. The seam was supposedly to be positioned on the back of the ladies legs running through the middle of her knee and calf. Most stockings were a nude or beige color and women washed these items by hand and wore them many times before they became worn out.

Those days are behind us, and in some instances this is for the better, while in others those days were better. There was less drug usage in those days and less equality. There was less violent crime and yet people of different races and colors were not allowed to go to the same places that white people went. There were a lot of prejudices and a lot of needless hatred in those days. It would be nice if we could take the best part of each century and combine them to make the perfect century.

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